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Exercise Ball Ab Workout

Woman doing crunches with an exercise ball.


Personal Trainer

If you’re looking for a way to tighten and flatten your stomach, exercise ball ab workouts provide a change from standard sit-ups and crunches. Not only is it easier on your back, but using an exercise ball for your ab routine can help strengthen and stabilize all of your core muscles and improve your posture.

Using an Exercise Ball for Ab Workouts

When performing the exercise ball ab workout, you do many of the exercises in the supine position, which means face up on your back. If you are not experienced at using an exercise ball, it’s a good idea to practice the supine position before beginning your work out.

  • Keep feet out wide on the floor to estabilish a base of stability.
  • Place hands on either side of the ball and gradually walk feet forward.
  • Keep your knees bent.
  • Lower your rear towards the floor while remaining in a more or less upright position, tilting back only slightly.
  • Sustain steady pressure on the ball while lowering your body until the ball supports the small of your back.

If you are in the correct position on the appropriately sized ball for your height, your fingertips should be able to touch the floor. Develop a comfort level for this position by rocking side to side. It’s important to keep your head and back in a neutral position, even during the exercise process. When you maintain your balance without feeling like you might tip onto the floor you’re ready for some basicab exercises. In some cases, you may also perform ab exercises in a prone (face down) position.

Perform the following exercises on non-consecutive days for two or three days per week. Aim for 10-15 reps and one or two sets of each move.