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Disability Insurance

Protected from unexpected injury or illness!

Disability Insurance Goes to Work in Your Absence

An illness or unexpected injury can put your finances in peril. Let Bayside Associates guide you toward disability income insurance and help protect your ability to earn income.

Most folks understand the benefits of healthcare, life insurance, homeowners and car insurance. But many take for granted what would happen if they suddenly weren’t able to earn a living due to unforeseen circumstances.

Disability income insurance protects your ability to earn an income. If you find yourself unable to work because of injury or illness, proper disability income insurance will help maintain a living and keep your savings in tact.

Disability income insurance from Bayside Associates will:

  • Replace most of your existing income to help keep you out of debt and current with expenses.
  • Pay benefits for a predetermined amount of time (until you return to work or reach retirement).
  • Provide tax-free benefits (assuming you pay premiums with after-tax dollars).
  • Pair with any group short- or long-term disability plan provided by your employer.
  • Follow you; it's your policy to keep it no matter where you work, as long as you decide to pay premiums.

Many think that if they have coverage at work, they will be taken care of. However, unless one has a strategy to replace most of their lost income in the event of disability, they will end up draining savings and cutting short any plans for the future. Individual disability insurance helps provide or enhance your income protection, allowing your to maintain your lifestyle and keep your financial goals in tact should injury or illness prevent you from going to work. To learn more, contact us.

Disability Insurance often gets over looked, until you actually need it. When my husband became permanently disabled Bayside was there for us, helping us throughout the process. It is obvious that they really care!
- Jennifer Jones, Nov 2013

Bundle & Save!

Save money by bundling Bayside insurance products together

  • Set aside extra money for gas, oil changes and routine mainteance on your car.
  • Put some extra money towards home improvement projects or a family vacation.
  • Treat yourself and your loved ones with the money saved on life insurance.